Saturday, April 28, 2012

my baby got a shot on thursday and hasn't been feeling well since.  i am extremly frustrated because my daughter is having problems with a teacher at school.  this teacher has told the kids that it is thier fault her taxes are so high.  the other day she said something about midterm grades and something about them getting failing grades and said especially u sydnee in front of the class.  my daughter has adhd, so her attention span isn't the best, but it doesn't give her the right to do that.  i dunno what to do because it will be her word against my daughters.  i thought about sending a sending a tape recorder to school but it is illegal here. 
    on the eb front i am doing well.  i have a few scratches but no blisters, knock on wood.  i am gonna have a breakout soon because of stress.  i stress on everthing.  i cant cut out the stress so i will have to deal with it the best i can.  i applied for a charity to be able to go to the pcc, but it doesn't look like it is gonna happen.  i am just glad that they help people with eb have a vacation they may not get.  now that i have medicare i am gonna have to see about get a scooter.  maybe i will be able to do more with my kids.

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