Monday, October 29, 2012

ok so right now life is kinda sucky.  my laptop went bye bye and my desktop doesn't have sound.  so i can't skype watch videos or anything.  my skin which usaully gets better in the colder weather is getting worse.  i have to have an abcess drained of my neck on friday.  the kids are doing good.  sydnee will be 14 a week from thursday.  she has the attitude of a 21 year old though.  it is getting harder to keep up with the bills and get the kids what they need, plus xmas and birthdays.  we live on my disability check.  i make too much for any kind of help but not enough to keep us afloat for a month.  it really sucks.  i hope they give al his appea; for disability.  ok done being depressed for now.

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